Packaging Colours

We possess standard range of colours of our raw materials. At the clients request we can also create a packaging of any colour Pantone Matching System (PMS). The colors shown are not binding.

Standard range of colors:

10D,10R (transparent)10D,10R (transparent)
10A-D (transparent milky)10A-D (transparent milky)
1 (white)1 (white)
3A (P.Yellow 012)3A (P.Yellow 012)
3 (P.7549)3 (P.7549)
12B (P.872M)12B (P.872M)
16 (P.7509)16 (P.7509)
4E (P.715)4E (P.715)
4G (P.716)4G (P.716)
4D (P.152)4D (P.152)
4F (P.3564)4F (P.3564)
4C (P.1665)4C (P.1665)
13A (P.7593)13A (P.7593)
4A (P.3516)4A (P.3516)
7D (P.2347)7D (P.2347)
7F (P.7621)7F (P.7621)
15 (P.7622)15 (P.7622)
13E (P.7589)13E (P.7589)
13D (P.4695)13D (P.4695)
18 (P.215)18 (P.215)
14A (P.2090)14A (P.2090)
5A ( (
14B (P.7665)14B (P.7665)
14 (P.2766)14 (P.2766)
5M (P.542)5M (P.542)
5i (P.2194)5i (P.2194)
5P (P.2728)5P (P.2728)
5 (P.287)5 (P.287)
5Ł (P.281)5Ł (P.281)
5U (P.289)5U (P.289)
5L (P.5255)5L (P.5255)
6N (P.3507)6N (P.3507)
6O (P.2285)6O (P.2285)
6C (P.2426)6C (P.2426)
6Ł (P.2258)6Ł (P.2258)
6L (P.7726)6L (P.7726)
2 (P.7714)2 (P.7714)
6 (P.349)6 (P.349)
6K (P.7498)6K (P.7498)
6M (P.7771)6M (P.7771)
11A (P.422)11A (P.422)
17 (P.10389M)17 (P.10389M)
17A (P.10452M)17A (P.10452M)
9C (P.CoolGray7)9C (P.CoolGray7)
9B (P.CoolGray11)9B (P.CoolGray11)
8 ( (
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