Packaging Colours

We possess standard range of colours of our raw materials. At the clients request we can also create a packaging of any colour Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Standard range of colors:

10D,10R (transparent)10D,10R (transparent)
10A-D (transparent opaque)10A-D (transparent opaque)
1 (white)1 (white)
3A (P.108)3A (P.108)
3 (P.124)3 (P.124)
12B (P.118)12B (P.118)
4A (P.1665)4A (P.1665)
7D (P.200)7D (P.200)
15 (P.202)15 (P.202)
7F (P.198)7F (P.198)
18 (P.214)18 (P.214)
14A (P.2665)14A (P.2665)
5A ( (
14 (P.2748)14 (P.2748)
5M (P.283)5M (P.283)
5I (P.299)5I (P.299)
5 (P.301)5 (P.301)
5Ł (P.281)5Ł (P.281)
5L (P.2767)5L (P.2767)
6C (P.347)6C (P.347)
6 (P.342)6 (P.342)
11A (P.429)11A (P.429)
17 (P.877)17 (P.877)
9B ( 7540)9B (7540)
8 ( (
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