Ornament Type


A technique enabling the use of many paint sets (even ten) which transfer the variously-coloured image into the offset cylinder in a synchronized way, which results in obtaining multicoloured print during one operation.

As it is a fast and economical, dry offset is a perfect method for mass production. It enables flexible creation of new projects.

Our company is highly-specialised in dry offset. We use thermal paints and paints that dry in exposure to UV light, which guarantee high quality and fast drying making the production process faster.

Nevertheless, dry offset has some limitations – it is impossible to use print in a size offered by IML, especially in the places difficult to access (under the crowning).


It is currently the most popular method of print ornamentation, which offers high quality at low costs, and eliminates the risk of error. Multiple print is made on the carrier and placed inside the form in the phase of its opening. During the injection, the stream of material of high temperature presses the tape with the print to the wall of injection and causes blending of the print into the product’s structure.

A great advantage of this technology is especially the fact that it enables decoration of the whole surface of the container including places that are difficult to access. It enables placing numerous information on the package, without any limitations for the project and the labels’ graphics, so that it does not have any negative impact on the final appearance of the product on the shelf and the general impression it makes.

IML method offers a wide choice of colours and makes the final effect match the image in the project phase as faithfully as possible. IML enables decoration of lids.


We also use self-adhesive labels. First of all, they offer a range of various materials and types of finishing which may be used to create a packaging that would stand out in a retail outlet (3D labels, metallised labels and embossing). Self-adhesive labels enable the creation of demanding and complex designs. It is a suitable solution for the products that requires large amount of textual information, because it guarantees legible representation of small fonts.

It is possible to design labels of any shape which constitutes an additional variation in the decoration of the packaging.


We do screen printing in our company for about 20 years. We use it to decorate white or colored lids. We make single colored imprint using high quality of covering paints- both normal and metallic. The advantage of screen printing is high resistance to weather and mechanical conditions.

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