The 30 years’ presence of PSP in the market enabled us to gain experience and knowledge that an individual and well-considered attitude is required in production of packaging of every single product. We find the best solutions for all: groceries, household chemicals, building materials and garden fertilizers. A wide variety of packaging (round, cuboid, oval and cylindrical) of capacity range from 0.13 l to 35 l is designed for plaster, paint, filler mix, garden fertilizer, pet food, popcorn, marmalade, fish salad and other products.

  • 10-litre can-shaped packaging together with a group of smaller cylindrical packaging is inevitably associated with high quality paints. These packaging were adjusted to automatic production lines. Noiseless filling, easy arrangement, mechanical resistance and tightness are unquestionable advantages of this series of packaging.
  • Cuboid packaging with dimensions best adjusted to transit and logistics enable saving even over a dozen percent of transport space and storage area. The large display area enhancing the marketing impact of the product is another advantage of this group of containers.
  • Oval shape is a combination of advantages of cuboid and round packaging. Increased surface facilitates access of painting tools to its interior.
  • Various types of round packaging, reliable, durable and easy in use containers combine many advantages of shaped packaging with definitely more client-friendly price. A wide diversity of accessories makes the packaging more multi-purpose.

All of the enumerated groups of packaging produced by PSP possess individual features and solutions which distinguish them from other products in the market and predispose them to various applications.

  • Specially shaped crowning of packaging under which the rim of the lid is placed, prevent an accidental opening of the packaging, e.g. while transporting.
  • Plastic handles incorporated within the crowning of packaging do not cover the sides and make it easier to pile them up or place them apart. There is an option of manufacturing packaging with a metal handle.
  • Packaging lids adjusted to various chemical and grocery products, and building materials:
    • lids for plasters with construction preventing getting of dyestuffs under the crowning during the process of mixing the basis with pigment
    • lids for foil welding on the crowning of packaging improving the tightness and extending expiration date of the product
    • lids for paints with texture that improves adhesion and the shape of the inside of the lid that prevents detaching of dry layers and dripping of the fresh paint.
    • lids with the “eyepiece” enabling an easier opening of the packaging without removing a seal – for users of paint and plaster mixers.
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