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The desire for beauty influences our lives at every turn. The pursuit of perfection determines most of our daily aims and gestures. We like to surround ourselves with things which are not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye. The demand for interesting solutions requires the variety of packaging forms and it also expands the functions of packaging. The packaging is no longer just an element protecting its content. Its utility has been improved and distinguished. The large-scale development of packaging aesthetics has taken place making it a “silent salesman.” It is currently an important element of applied art.

Having in mind the great role of packaging and the lack of the proper exemplars in Polish shops we set one goal. It is designing the functional packaging which will be strictly related to beauty.

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of small and large buckets, and injection-moulded containers, mostly made of polypropylene, designed for packing grocery products and building materials. Our products reach many significant companies and millions of recipients. Simple construction, use of the best raw materials, durability and reliability of our designed packaging are not meaningless for our position of a tycoon in the packaging market. The quality of our packaging is competitive to the products of large European companies.

The awareness of aesthetic forms and functional aspects of the packaging allows us to design products on the highest level. We always care about the aesthetics, even when it seems unnecessary for the packaging. We combine a good design with needs of logistics and suitable marketing. We anticipate our client’s needs and satisfy them successfully. For instance, we designed and introduced for a large-scale use, 10 litre can for paint with a revolutionary locking system which gained recognition in the global market. We are one of the first companies in the European market which introduced plastic handles for all the commodity chemicals buckets. We also changed the locking system. We introduced one type of locking for one type of buckets (AL). This unique solution enabled us to stand out in the world of packaging. We constantly improve packaging. Our latest idea is to use the supporting net inside the bucket right at its base. We also took care of its bottom. We supported the rim of the bucket with a construction. Such solutions will be distinctive features of new packaging. Our care for the product is also reflected in the lid. We ensured its easy usage, preserving its existing durability. An apt design is for us a source of satisfaction and it motivates us to further work. We combine modern solutions with new aesthetics based on current trends in pattern industry. We follow the global market of packaging and track the changes it undergoes. On this basis we define the needs and satisfy them with innovative products.

We currently face the birth of new products designed for daily use. We want to meet the needs of everyday life by designing the items necessary for the household. Our plan is to create a project group which will add some artistic value to the functionality of new packaging. The products that we expect to manufacture in the near future will not serve as packaging, but their purpose will be the use in the household. We take part in creating people’s tastes and shaping their lives quality by meeting social needs with mass production of items.

We believe that the combination of modernity and tradition equals functionality and elegance.


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