Plast Service Pack

Plast Service Pack company was created in 1992 on the initiative of Konrad Rumiński who remains its owner up to present day. Once small plant located in Sękocin near Warsaw was producing a low amount of three types of printless, simple-construction packaging made of plastics. Only after two years since the company’s foundation, the change of its headquarters was required. The activity of the company was being continued in Kolonia Warszawska, where it still keeps developing. For the company’s purposes factory floors and storage facilities were expanded, the new ones were created, machinery stock was enlarged and modernised, and the volume of production was augmented. The team of design-engineers was gradually introducing new construction solutions which guaranteed durability, sustainability and tightness of the packaging.

We are the first manufacturer of packaging made of injection-moulded plastics in the Polish market and we continue to produce them to date. We are currently in the lead of the European manufacturers of buckets and containers made of plastics and we are among those who set the global trends in packaging industry. We have a high-tech factory with production space of 18.000 square meters, we also possess 61 machines and hire about 240 workers. Every year, about 40 new patterns of packaging produced by our company emerges in the market. The contentment and trust of our clients is for us the main determinant of success and the source of our satisfaction. We constantly expand the list of local and foreign recipients. We are proud of our co-operation with the biggest Polish and European companies.

Our current position was enabled by our consistency in fulfilling the aims. Our actions are founded on and determined by three key-words quality, beauty and utility which constitute the basis on which excellent, originally-patterned products are created.

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