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More than three years ago, we had the pleasure to launch the first Double Lock packaging, which revolutionized the Polish and European market of technical packaging made of injection molded PP. The exceptionally good acceptance of double-latched packaging has been confirmed by their high sales and enthusiastic opinions of customers, as well as attempts to imitate them by competitors. Numerous articles in the trade press, as well as a number of awards and prizes, have confirmed the management of PLAST SERVICE PACK in the belief that the company is following the right path, seeking excellent solutions that set new standards in the field of injection packaging.

Bearing in mind the above, we have decided to continue research on the locking system based on the existing Double Lock (DL). In this way, as a result of two years of research and tedious work, many engineers created the next generation product, even more reliable and technically advanced, which we named the commercial name SAFE LOCK.

SAFE LOCK (SL) is a revolutionary and creative approach to technical solutions used in the extremely successful DL packaging family, which incorporates all its advantages, adding new solutions that enhance the reliability of packaging. Is this the saying of Jan Izydor Sztaudynger: "Better - the enemy of a good, worse - friend of evil", is it applicable in this case? According to us - no. The new family of SAFE packaging   LOCK initiated by the 10l package   will not replace packaging in the Double Lock system, and will complement the wide range of Plast Service Pack, dedicated to top shelf products.

The pails from the new SL series will be made for extremely demanding customers, for customers expecting above-average attention and commitment from the packaging manufacturer to the transport, storage and storage of packaging with the finished product. That's why SAFE LOCK targets its products with Premium and Super Premium products, who are looking for full security for their products.

Innovative solutions used in the SAFE LOCK family packaging:
Third latch. The construction of the lock in the cover-crown arrangement of the packaging has been improved. The crown and the lid were fitted with a third, additional set of latches, significantly increasing the resistance to accidental opening during transport and additionally increasing the tightness of the packaging.

Increased outer edge of the packaging crown. The modified crown of the SAFE LOCK series packages has an elevated outer edge, on which the third latch is located. This racket   protects the place of connection of the lid and bucket, preventing accidental opening of the packaging and unauthorized interference in its contents. The growing costs associated with logistics and the desire to maximize the use of transport space cause problems, the solution of which is the introduction of a new packaging line. The SAFE LOCK closure eliminates the possibility of opening the lid of one package by the neighboring ones as a result of their interaction and forces during transport, eg raising the bucket and breaking the lid by another bucket on the top layer of the packed and transported packaging pallet. High prices of Premium products, especially in the construction chemicals industry, cause frequent attempts of unauthorized opening of the packaging by third parties. As a result, the transported and stored product may be advertised by the manufacturer due to the underweight of goods or damage to the goods, caused by increased air access or biological contamination.
The SAFE LOCK system protects the critical place of closing the packaging, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized opening of the cover without breaking the main protective seal.

Strengthened crown and lid design. The changed crown structure of the SAFE LOCK packaging in combination with the modified cover design is a system with increased stiffness and resistance to dynamic forces generated during transport (compression and hitting buckets) and during operation in mixers and shakers, which further increases the tightness of the packaging.

Increased marketing space. The new design of the SAFE LOCK closure along with the upward shift of the packaging crown provides additional surface area of ​​the bucket, which the customer can use for marketing. The new SL solution allowed the use of a larger area of ​​packaging in IML Icing technology, which visually increased the packaging in comparison to other packaging available on the market.

SAFE LOCK solutions   compatible with the Double Lock packaging line

Friendly packaging. The new SAFE LOCK packaging is characterized by the ease of closing packaging on the production line as well as the ease of opening them by customers after breaking the safety seal. The SL series packaging was similar to the previous DL family

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