Double Lock

Double Securing of the packaging closure
The Most Sealed Package of your product

Double Lock becomes a worldwide hit! Last week, a packaging seminar with a Double Lock closure system was held at the Plast Service Pack headquarters. Manufacturers using our innovative solution had the opportunity to compare the results of the tests of strength and tightness. The impression on quality control experts makes both the tightness level and the unusual resistance to side impacts, which has always been a difficult problem to solve, resulting in the opening of the covers. We have also proudly received the results of the first surveys carried out with the participation of consumers, which prove that Double Lock is amazing and perfectly suited to everyday life. Leaking or drying chemical articles with the introduction of the Double Lock system go into oblivion, as well as problems with storing and transporting food. The parameters determined in independent tests lead to one conclusion - Double Lock is currently the most technologically advanced packaging in Europe and probably in the world!

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